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Design to Inspire

“Mika” is a Japanese name meaning “beautiful fragrance” which became an inspiration to what we are aiming to achieve: beautiful, natural, and authentic spaces.

We are adapting technology to make design accessible to a wider range of customers and looking at working with clients virtually through e-design to make the service more attainable and cost effective. We do not want interior design to be perceived solely as a high-end traditional service accessible by a small portion of society. We want people to believe that they can improve their spaces in many other ways. 



Hiring an interior designer to renovate and elevate a home is widely perceived as a luxury that not everybody can afford, without really having a reason why!


At Mika Design Studio, we want to be open about what we do, how we do it and offer a service that can be available, affordable, and attainable to a wider audience. We aim to make the process smooth by providing a straightforward package system designed to cater various needs and budgets, with a fully automated online experience to simplify interior design for everyone.


We are on your side. We want to be your advocate; offering our skills, ideas, and suggestions with your best interest at heart!

Interior Renovation


We are aware of the negative impact that our industry can have on the environment. We are committed, and enjoy, finding ways in which we can reduce the impact of our work both in the office, when travelling and through our work for clients in Home Staging & Interior Design services. 

We are not perfect, but it is something that we take very seriously.

With our projects we want to show how creativity can bring a home to life without constantly relying on acquiring more disposable items. Whenever possible, it will be our responsibility to encourage our clients to reuse, repurpose, and refurbish, and incorporate more responsibly sourced and durable materials into their homes.


We have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every service package sold.

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is dedicated to global reforestation. They plant trees to restore nature and biodiversity and motivate younger generations to do something positive for the environment. Visit their website to find out more. 

One Tree Planted


In every project we aim at striking a balance between creativity and practicality. Coming up with a unique solution to a design problem, finding innovative ways to (re)imagine spaces and having the courage to experiment and push boundaries. 

But ultimately, the most important part of an authentic design is you!

Our job requires genuinely listening to you, embracing your personality, taste and needs to create a space that feels genuine to you and that becomes an extension of your lifestyle. Design should not be about feeling dictated by a trend or style that seems “chic”. It is about finding beauty in pure content where the style becomes a natural outcome of a creative solution.

Home design


Founder of Mika Design Studio

I am originally from Italy, studied in the UK and then moved to China where I lived and worked for about 9 years. I started my career in hospitality and events, covering different roles from operations to project management to creative strategy. I managed multiple high-profile projects and worked with some amazing creative minds. I was blessed with the opportunity to travel a lot and explore different cultures around the world. This made me very open minded and welcoming of new experiences.   ​ Since a very young age I have always loved painting with colours and drawing. I used to be obsessed with drawing staircases and the interiors of my dream house(s), but nobody thought it would become my job one day!  As an adult I decided to follow a career path in hospitality and events but have always felt that “the designer” inside me was waiting for the right opportunity to come out and take the lead.  ​ During the Pandemic, I took the time to reflect and re-assess my future and goals and decided to challenge my life to finally pursue my real passion. I obtained a qualification in Interior Design and later in Home Staging, plucked up the courage to embark in an entrepreneurship adventure where my skills, experience and ideas would come together to create something I truly believe in.  ​ My passion for designing spaces does not stop to interior design. My involvement and interest in the property market made me understand that design and creativity can be used to achieve much more. What we call Home is not just the house where we will live forever, it can be a transition, a rental accommodation or a fun destination for people who love travelling. Every property deserves to be showcased to its maximum potential, to serve its purpose and make a real impact on the lives of those who live in them. Hence the idea of incorporating Home Staging into the business. ​ Besides being a designer and home stager, I enjoy practicing yoga & meditation and love drawing and making things from spare parts or recycled materials. I am vegan and I am always experimenting and creating new dishes. I also still have a travelling bug so often I feel the need to go explore exciting destinations.

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